Judging Criteria

Criteria 1 - Effectiveness

What difference does the project make to people’s lives?

We will be assessing:

  • Community impact and engagement

  • Effectiveness and durability of materials

  • The level of benefit in terms of:

    • Thermal comfort & access to cooling

    • Energy savings

    • Reduction in urban heat island effect

Criteria 2 - Project Viability

Does the entrant have a plausible project plan and the capabilities to execute it?

We will be assessing:

  • Monitoring and evaluation plans

  • Team capabilities

  • Communications/dissemination strategy

  • Budget and additional resource commitment

Criteria 3 - Scalability & Sustainability of Approach

How will the approach by sustained/embedded and grown over time?

We will be assessing:

  • Operational or business model, including financial sustainability and impact on policy change

  • Local capacity and collaboration (skills, supply chain, institutional support)

  • Size of addressable market

Criteria 4 - Challenge Statement target met

Has the team deployed 1 million square meters of cool roofs?

You will not be assessed on Criteria 4 for the purposes of the Boost Award (applications for which close on 20 May 2019). Teams who win a Boost Award will compete for the $1m prize, which will be awarded 2021. When competing for this $1m prize, all teams will be assessed again on Criteria 1-3 and will also be assessed on Criteria 4 as part of their final submission.